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The healthcare industry is changing fast. Whether you are a dentist, eye specialist or an aesthetic doctor, you’ll know the importance of providing the very best care for your patients. But today, this extends beyond treatments. Today’s clients want more from their service, and this means improving the customer experience from start to finish. From the moment they walk into your clinic to the moment they hand over their money. Affordability and flexibility are key, and being able to offer healthcare finance options ensures happy patients who will choose you over your competitors every time.

At Duologi, we understand the pressures facing health and beauty businesses. Our financing solutions are the answer, and can help you improve cash flow, attract more clients and sell more smartly. Whether you are looking for dental finance, laser eye surgery finance or cosmetic surgery finance, we can be of assistance. We can even provide finance for vets and animal healthcare businesses, helping owners take care of their beloved pets without money worries.

What is healthcare finance?

Financing is a way to offer your patients an affordable monthly payment plan. Expensive treatments can be hard to pay for when cash is tight, and finance is a cheaper, more flexible alternative to getting health or dental loans with high interest rates.

Our options include 0% finance and Buy Now Pay Later, giving your clients the ability to spread the cost of treatments to suit their needs. This gives them a chance to get their money in order, keeping their health and wellbeing on track, and keeping life moving for everyone.

Plug in and grow with zero risk

Get started in a matter of hours with our financing solutions at Duologi. We have easy integrations and plugins that can have you set up and offering healthcare finance to customers within a matter of days. There’s absolutely no disruption to your current systems and we’ll handle the entire credit check process. We’ll ensure we select creditworthy customers and protect you from fraud, so there’s no risk on your end.

Nothing changes for you, the healthcare specialist, in terms of money and cash flow or operations. You will get paid in full and upfront, and the customer will pay us back over time. It doesn’t matter where or how you operate either - customers can apply in-clinic, online or from the comfort of their own home. With affordable monthly repayment plans, you can boost your sales and help more patients get better and improve their happiness and wellbeing. Our healthcare finance is here to help you sell smarter, stay agile and be one step ahead of the competition.

Healthcare finance made simple

No matter the treatment, Duologi has a solution. We recognise that not all treatments are immediate and some could be subject to a longer consultation period. However, should you offer same-day solutions such as skincare or dental surgery, your patients can apply there and then, in-clinic or even on their smartphones.

We can offer the following:
- 0% finance - monthly payments with free interest.
- Buy Now Pay Later - delay payments for up to a year.

With 0% finance, your patients can enjoy stress-free payments spread across a number of months, and they can even benefit from free borrowing as long as they pay on time. For costly treatments or unforeseen medical care, this can make all the difference. Buy Now Pay Later is another fantastic option that works by spreading the cost of purchases with interest, but allows a grace period so your patients can manage their money better. Our payment terms range from 3 - 60 months for treatments costing anywhere between £150 and £15,000.

Get happier patients today

It really doesn’t take long to get started with Duologi financing for your website or clinic. And with our excellent patient finance solutions, you can increase revenue while creating a seamless, stress-free customer experience for your clients.If your goal is to make treatments more accessible to the masses, and you want to attract more customers to your clinic, patient finance can help you achieve these targets. As well as helping people across the UK get treated and seen by professionals, the benefits of financing can also trickle down into the local communities by eliminating debt for small businesses and keeping startups afloat with improved cash flow.

We have experience working with businesses across the healthcare sector. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new company or an established brand, offering finance options can make a huge difference to your success. We have case studies to prove it, and our team have the expertise to guide you through the process.

With fast setup that can have you up and running in a matter of days, offering finance to your patients is a no-brainer. Find out more about our services and get in touch today.

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