Education Finance For Schools And Colleges

Duologi enables training providers to offer their learners & students a range of affordable and customised finance options. Whether it’s e-learning or vocational courses, professional development or private schooling, you need a finance solution that allows your customers to concentrate on the learning and not the associated costs.

With Duologi, it’s simple. We integrate into all your existing enrolment channels - over the phone, on-campus and even on-line. Your learners will get the financial help they need, you will deliver an exceptional experience and best of all you’ll increase course enrolment without the credit risk or bad debt.

Our application form is optimised for all devices. It takes under three minutes to complete and your learners will get an instant decision. 

The Benefits

  1. Increase your course enrolment
  2. Reduce course drop out rates
  3. Eliminate risk & bad debts
  4. Make the courses accessible
  5. Best in class reporting

Education products

  1. 0% Interest Free Finance
  2. Interest bearing finance
  3. Buy now pay later
  4. Shadow limits
  5. Multi tier options

Whatever your business, we’re here to help you grow.
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