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Duologi enables training providers to offer their students a range of affordable and customised finance options. Our services improve education by assisting individuals, enabling educators, and driving better outcomes.
Accessibility is key, and in order to open up opportunities in education for everyone, it’s important to have the right funds in the right place and at the right time. Whether it is e-learning, vocational courses or professional development, our education finance solutions can make a huge difference.
At Duologi, we offer finance for training companies, for schools and higher education bodies, for learning centres and private teachers. And with us, education and finance go hand in hand. We’ve made it quick, painless and simple, so the enrolment process is smooth and stress free for both sides. We can quickly integrate into all your existing enrolment channels - over the phone, on campus and even online.

So you can instantly plug in and grow, furthering your potential as a leading education institution or training provider.
With our super fast setup, you could be up and running and offering finance to enrollees within a matter of days. Choose from solutions such as 0% finance or Study Now Pay Later to keep keep life moving for your students, and give them the means to learn to the best of their ability.

Flexible financial help

Money worries can be stressful for many students. Not being able to pay the upfront costs of a course or vocational training is one of the main barriers making education harder to access. Whether it’s for higher education, work-based training or private study, having a payment plan to spread the costs is beneficial. With Duologi is education finance solutions, your learners will get the financial help they need, with affordable and flexible payment plans to suit them.Our application process for finance is optimised for all devices and takes under three minutes to complete. Your enrollees will then get an instant decision so learning can start immediately. Here are some solutions we can offer:
- 0% finance - monthly payments with free interest.
- Study Now Pay Later - delay payments for up to a year.

With 0% finance, students can spread payments across a number of months, and can even benefit from free borrowing (as long as they make payments on time). For expensive courses or extensive training that will take years to complete, having interest free finance will take away any niggling money concerns. It’s a fantastic alternative to getting an education loan. Our Pay Later option works by spreading the cost of purchases with interest, but allows a grace period so students can manage their money and budget better. Our payment terms range from 3 - 60 months for fees anywhere between £150 and £15,000.

Improve cashflow and grow your potential

Not only will a finance solution allow your learners to concentrate on learning (and not the associated costs), but it will also improve your cashflow and keep your business goals or growth strategy on track.
In order to provide the best possible courses, facilities and support for students or trainees, you will need to have access to cash. Our education finance solutions ensure that you are paid upfront for the cost of fess, and the enrollee will pay us back over time. This means that you can get instant cash injection, get more students on board, and have more access to funds when you’re ready to grow. Whether you are looking to take on new students from overseas, target new markets, grow your premises or expand to a new location, having the right funding is imperative.
Without money problems standing in your way, you will deliver an exceptional experience for learners, and best of all you will increase course enrolment without the credit risk or bad debt. We take care of all credit and fraud checks, so your institution, school or training business is free from risk.

Offer education finance today

At Duologi, we can set you up in just a few days. With super fast integrations and instant plugins, you can provide financing options on your website, on campus or over the phone. From low to medium-cost training courses and short term study to repeat annual tuition fees, there are financing solutions to suit your circumstances. Our diverse experience means that we are able to recognise that not every educator, trainer or student has the same financial needs, so we make it our mission to help people enrol, charge or pay more smartly. Get in touch with our team today, and let us guide you through the different options available to make someone’s study dreams a reality.

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